20 YEARS IN PRISON! That's a long time. What do you do when you are serving 20 years in prison? Do you give up? Do you give in? NO! You find your voice  and you share with the world the life-changing words     that God has placed in your heart and on your mind.

     Prince Ashur has done just that. He bares his soul and touches you mentally and spiritually with his poems. He has no need and no reason to play games now, so he is writing from the depth of his being and we are all the beneficiaries of his great work. The love, the anger, the hard lessons learned, his broken heart and hearts that he has broken, his hope for the future, his imagination, Ashur gives it all to us in his poems. Click the link below to read excerpts from the book. 


Ashur's Soul
The poetic reflections of a young man behind prison walls
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Prince Ashur a.k.a Bruce Ingram
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Prince Ashur's Soul
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Prepare to be entertained, stimulated and most of all, to be enlightened by the angel in your midst, Prince Ashur. For those of you who read Prince Ashur's first book, "Ashur's Soul" you know that his poetry takes you on a journey that forces you to reflect on all of the emotions and thoughts one can experience. Well believe it or not, "The Immortal Mortal" takes you even higher and deeper.

As Prince Ashur said, in this book, "You'll see the Spirit Man speaking boldly inside of this mortal body. It shows my weakest state. as well as my total divinity. I'm walking on the edge of blasphemy at times. At least it appears that way to those who allow the bondage that religion keeps on the minds of the masses. I'm all spirit and I'm inviting all of the readers to travel with me in their spirit."

Accept the invitation. This is indeed a journey that you can't afford to miss!

Price: $11.95 includes shipping and handling