A Mother's Smile

 A mother's smile is the most pristine creation from the Father above
 Such a soothing gesture, glazed with love.

 No matter how many achievements or accomplishments one makes
 It all seems futile, if it's not embraced with a mother's smile.

 The sparkle in her eyes shines likd stars so bright
 With beautiful hill shape, cheek bones, and teeth snow white.

 Nothing is equivalent to her beautiful face
 Signs of hardships, past pains have no trace.

 I am a man whose character is considered reputable
 So when I say nothing can compare to her smile, it's irrefutable.

 It alleviates in times of despair
 Like the rainbow, her smile is a promise that she'll always be there.
 It seems as if the entire universe has stopped
 If you've ever seen her smile drop

 Even after the birth pains of laboring a child
 She evokes her strength to give you the glimpse of a mother's smile.

Poems from the book, Ashur's Soul
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I Dream

 I dream of a place where no one knows our sins. A   
 place where one past ends and our future begins.

 With sand white as snow and water clear as our  
 minds, a place so remote that even God couldn't find.

 I dream of the day that your beauty will enchant me 
 once more. Your delicate fingers mend my heart that  was once tore.

 I dream of the words, "I love you," escaping your soft  
 lips, as my strong hands slide across your sensual  

 I dream of an oasis, where pain doesn't dwell. A  
 paradise where there is no mental existence of hell.

 I dream of a love that will never change, but only grow 
 stronger. Where joyful moments are never forgotten,  
 they only last longer. 

 I dream of a passion so delightful where both of our 
 bodies melt together. An intimate moment that 
 seems to last forever. 

 I dream of my dark world being illuminated by your 
 smile. A second chance for you to bare my child.

 I dream of a time before man laws separated us.  
 Where the foundation of our bond was based on  

 I dream of a dream where dreams come true. Call me 
 optimistic for dreaming of you.

Prince Ashur a.k.a Bruce Ingram
Poems from The Immortal Mortal

As I lay my soul on this paper
I'm drowning in ink
Escaping to a place
Where it's more easier to think

In the depths of my mind
There's a mountain so high
Where I sit still alone
Facing east in the sky

Holding the tablets of my heart
As I chisel my thoughts
A captured lost Angel
Whose wings fell apart

My voice has become mute
but through these tablets I scream
for joy and for pain
and everything in between.

My spirit is strengthened
by the words from my hands
a lost soul has risen
to the sky from the sand.

Emotions speak loudly
from these tablets I hold
​you can't help but feel it
as this Prince's story is told

From the tablets of my heart

How could I show you heaven, if I never been through hell?

How could I explain perseverance, if I never did once fail?

How could I speak of love, if my heart was never broken?

How could I receive a blessing, with hands that's never open?

How could I wet your soul, if I didn't know its thirst?

How could I build completion, without dying in it first?

How could I kiss the moon, if I've never kissed before?

How could I grasp the sun, if it didn't lie within my core?

How could I drink my tears, if I never did taste pain?

How could I look for sunshine without going through the rain?