Prince Ashur is known to many of his old friends and family in South Florida as Bruce Ingram. But as he has grown into true manhood, he has abandoned his old ways and his old name. He has been re-birthed as Prince Ashur. He is a blessed man and Ashur is here to teach and be a blessing to others.The dictionary defines a prince as someone possessing admirably fine and genial characteristics. In the Bible, Ashur was the son of Shem and the grandson of Noah. Royalty indeed
     Now serving 20 years in a Florida prison, Prince Ashur was lost in the wilderness, doing drugs, committing serious crimes and simply running wild. But trapped inside was genius potential, a writer and poet with such deep insight and such a unique style, that God had to create the conditions that would give birth to the child that He had created. 

     So although Prince Ashur is physically locked behind prison walls, his mind and his spirit is free. As you read the liberating and thought provoking words of Prince Ashur, you will realize that he bares his soul with no holds barred. Go inside the mind and heart of Prince Ashur.

     Now having written his second powerful book, The Immortal Mortal, Prince Ashur is continuously using his divine gifts to change lives in the positive. His work while incarcerated proves that prison is a state of mind. The physical walls of the prison institution can only incarcerate the body.

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About Prince Ashur:
Prince Ashur a.k.a Bruce Ingram