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Prince Ashur a.k.a Bruce Ingram
Author   Poet   Inmate   Man of God
Greetings! Shalom!
ISBN 978-0-9845161-4-8
     You have just landed on one of the most intriguing and stimulating websites available on the internet. This site will introduce you to the writings of Prince Ashur formerly known as Bruce Ingram. 
     In every generation, God creates the perfect circumstances and conditions that will give birth to those whose lives will make a positive difference in the lives of others. Prince Ashur's life has been touched and ordained by God and once you read his powerful book, Ashur's Soul, you will surely agree.  
     The circumstances for Prince Ashur included drugs and crimes of violence. The conditions include incarceration in a Florida prison. But it is in prison where Prince Ashur has found his voice and with the support of a strong mother that loves him unconditionally, he now shares his voice with you.

Introducing the brand new book by Bruce "Prince Ashur" Ingram:

     The Immortal Mortal 
Life Altering Poems from the Angel in Your Midst
The Immortal Mortal showcases Prince Ashur's continued growth as a writer and as a man. Buy one for you and one for someone you love
ISBN 978-0-99752272-4-7